New website and identity.

It was time to work on a new fresh look. New website, new blog and new presentation pack (CV, cover letter, business cards and small portfolio). Any thoughts or feedback??

New amazing artworks by Sadako!!

We had an intensive session of photo-shooting yesterday at Sadako's. It was just about time to up-date my web page (Dot by Dot/Sadako) and with that excuse I had the change to take a peak on the new amazing products of Sadako.

Welcome to new necklaces, awesome pins lovely hearts and of course loads of sweet flowers, all products of the unstoppable creative hands of Libia Rodriguez (

So what are u waiting for ... check the links ;D !!!


Swatch competition

The task was to create a graphic design expressing Progression and style.
I based my design on the uniqueness of snow flakes. Progression and style nowadays, in fact, develop around the concept that each of us is unique. We all try to be a little bit different and show our identity thorough our style, interest and social behaviour. I try to design a swatch that is eye-catching and stylish. It would be ideal if all the swatches have a different cut of the same pattern and a different kind of plastic (mate shiny, transparent etc etc etc), in a way there won' t exist two swatches that are exactly the same.