Short & Sweet

Short & Sweet ---> weekly short movie projection in London.
Design for an outdoor/indoor poster. Typography only allowed!


Cards I made for my two little nieces.

Profile: unusual media

This 3 images are taken from a series of about 30 pictures.
The project was about breaking the boundaries of figurative drawing.
The profile of the girl is made of tape on a transparent PVC board.
The processes involved the use of my computer screen as the only sources of light. The background of each image, in fact, is a picture or a video open (full size) on my mac.
The PVC board placed between the camera and the computer plays with transparency and blurs part of the typography in the back.
Moreover the effect of the light hitting the different layers of tape gives to the all composition interesting shades and gradients of colors.


Postcards experiment! How do I explain people myself ??!! Where to start ??!!
Colors+Kaos+Love ...